Nandi Loaf
Tom Koehler

9.14 -10.13.23

Nandi Loaf
you’re probably right/untitled (Hollywood), 2023

45 x 75 inches.
self-adhesive vinyl for dry wall.

Tom Koehler
Be Careful What You Wish For..., 2023

Dimensions variable.
Blown glass, steel, hardware.

Nandi Loaf
NADA•19 (slowed +reverb), 2022
Audio recording.
Nandi Loaf
+diptych, 2023

10 x 20 inches. 
Ink on canvas.
Tom Koehler
There’s a whole city and then theres Me., 2023
16 x 10 inches. 
Oil and acrylic on canvas.

Worser evening installation view.

Documentation by Evan Walsh